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About OpenICDL
What is® OpenICDL?

OpenICDL is a multimedia software designed to allow users to learn the basics of IT and attain the ICDL or International Computer Driving License with Open Source software.

The software is divided into seven modules that can be selected from the main interface. Each module focuses on the topics required to pass the seven ICDL exams using Linux, and Mozilla.

The sequence of contents of each course is compliant with the Syllabus 4.0, the document that describes in detail what candidates need to know and be able to do to attain the International Computing Driving License.

The Syllabus has been designed by the ECDL Foundation (, which has specified, at an international level, the minimum set of concepts and skills that users should possess to attain the license that certifies the possession of a specific number of skills.

Module 1 - Concepts of Information Technology (IT)
Module 2 - Using the Computer and Managing Files
Module 3 - Word Processing
Module 4 - Spreadsheets
Module 5 - Database
Module 6 - Presentation
Module 7 - Information and Communication

What does OpenICDL offer?

OpenICDL offers over 100 hours of self-learning modules that include:

· 20 hours of interactive animations with tutor's explanation
· Tutorials and self-assessment tests
· Over 400 simulations on software applications
· Thousands of different ICDL exam simulations
· Reports and statistics for all learning sessions
· Printable manual with full selection of didactic contents
· Maximum compatibility with Windows® MAC® and Linux

Who are the target users of OpenICDL?

OpenICDL is targeted to anyone who wishes to learn how to use a computer and to improve his knowledge of the most popular Open Source applications, or to users who wish to thoroughly prepare for the ICDL/ECDL exam with Open Source software.
   About OpenICDL


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