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Module 7

Information and Communication


At the end of this course, users will have acquired the knowledge and skills required to use the Internet and protect systems from Web-based threats.

Users shall be able to search the Web with a browser or any other tool available; index and print Web sites and pages and search for data.
Users shall also be able to explore forms and complete them; understand the basics of e-mail programs and safety; use e-mail programs to send and receive messages; attach files and organize and manage mail folders.

At the end of the course, users shall be able to take the ICDL exam related to Module 7 required to attain the International Computer Driving License.


Information and Communication
Web surfing
Web searches
E-mail messages
Management of messages

Didactic tools

Interactive didactic animations with tutor's explanation
Self-assessment tests
ICDL exam simulation
Reports and statistics for all modules
Printable manual with full selection of didactic contents
   Module 7

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