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Module 1

Concepts of Information Technology (IT)


At the end of this course, users shall acquire familiarity with the main concepts of Information Technology (ICT).
Users shall be able to describe the structure of a personal computer both in terms of hardware and software and the basic ICT concepts like data storage and memory.
Users shall also learn how to use IT networks and software programs for their daily tasks and understand the main issues connected to the health and safety of use of PCs, and their environmental impact. Users shall also learn how protect data and to deal with the legal issues connected with the use of PCs.
At the end of the course, users shall be able to take the ICDL exam related to Module 1 required to attain the International Computer Driving License.


Concepts of Information Technology (IT)
Basic concepts
IT networks
The use of PCs for daily tasks
Safety, health and environmental issues
Data protection
Copyright and legal provisions

Didactic tools

Interactive didactic animations with tutor's explanation
Self-assessment tests
ICDL exam simulation
Reports and statistics for all modules
Printable manual with full selection of didactic contents

   Module 1

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